Monday, December 12, 2016

#MYride: Dunedin Brought Me - Tampa Bay Just May Keep me

I sometimes think that I need a novel when I write - then so much time passes that I forget so much stuff and then now here we are.

I have never really addressed the reason, except to family and friends, why I am here. Well you may not even know where I am if you don't follow me on the few social media platforms that I am on.

Just to catch everyone up to speed. Wood E. Wagon and I made it to Brookhaven Mississippi but seemed to have gotten stuck there. I couldn't sell my way out of Mississippi if my live had depended on it.

My main source of income while traveling the US was the wood and metal monograms that I sold and season was ending December the 1st. I had to find either to work or park Wood E. Wagon for free and volunteer for the winter.

I was first accepted to re-enact Wild West Shoot Outs in Southern Arizona. I was skeptical only because it was off the grid living even with full hook ups. Meaning that we had generator use and some solar. I don't have Wood E Wagon fully equipped with the solar additions so I continued to look.

I thought I had found the most perfect job in the Orlando Area - Cooking Show Host - it was crap! Hoax. That is another blog post that I don't even want to start now. I'm still angry! 

I made a couple calls and almost went back to Tennessee for the Winter. NOPE! I must stay on my ride I thought. 

My head was full - things seemed so bad - like horrible! How could this be. The job was perfect. I was going to be able to continue traveling to different cities every week and we in-front of crowds of people - cook and entertain! Perfect! Now what?

I was dressing in shorts and T-shirts so I rid myself of extra clothes. Like my winter collection. (Recently was going to donate my winter clothes and was reminded I had already given them away.) Now I had to muster up interview and job hunting type clothes. Well, wasn't pulling it's weight - it had to go, it was an expense. 

I still haven't decided even where I am going. I couldn't get the people of The Living Room On Main in Dunedin, FL and a few others from the area, out of my head. I must got to Dunedin, FL. 

If you follow me you know, Dunedin is where I road out the first hurricane to hit Florida head on in 11 years. Well I had met my new friends in Dunedin is why I say Dunedin brought me back. Really I was in Palm Harbor once I hooked to the grid at Caladesi RV Park. 

Part of my reason for coming back was for those folks at the RV park. Some snow birds and such have arrived and the year around residents keep us entertained - I met a really cool friend and her family here. 

Adding this family and my other friends from the hurricane, friends from the RV park and the snow birds to the mix of all things Tampa Bay Area - it looks like I might be here awhile. 

I have a ton of remodel to do with Wood E - I will blost post how we are doing on the cosmetics soon. In order to continue #MYride in my frame of mind Wood E Wagon needs to be able to survive for 3 or four days with out sunlight or generator to make the real version of #MYride work. 

For now I am driving UBER-Tampa Bay and looking for my dream bartending job on the water, trying not to have any ideas and not worry about anything. Enjoying life for the first time since my 20's. I am having to learn to stop and slow down and it's translating to lazy for me a little. I just want all this new life living I am doing is not quickly interrupted by something. I am learning how to live for me and not a dream. Well, it's still a dream to have a blast on the beach slinging cocktails until I am 88! I am in! Oh yeah  and driving UBER until they take my license. If I don't stop hanging out with the Greeks that won't be long. Just kidding - different reasons.   

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