Monday, December 12, 2016

I am UBERlicous!

While I look for my Dream Bar To Tend - I am driving UBER!

In the beginning ( 3/4 weeks ago was my first trip in Tampa) I had registered to drive for Jackson Mississippi when I was stuck in Mississippi. My first day it says to me my car was not legal to drive in Jackson. Well - I was leaving the next day for the cooking show hoax.

So I returned to Wood E and continued to prepare for the journey to Orlando. Florida.

Post, cooking show hoax, I contacted Uber instantly and ask to move cities. It's always an ordeal to talk to support over there but eventually I was told my account from Mississippi would go inactive and I would be notified in 7 to 10 days when I could drive now in Tampa Bay Area which included Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater.

Although I am grateful for the cash flow from the fares, it isn't enough to keep me going here. The reason I do it full time is so I can interview for bar jobs and make myself available as I need to be as I secure myself here in the area.

I am over it tho. I can;t do it more than 8 hours or I wanna explode. Well, four hours really but I can do 8. I feel like a caged bird. It's tough I don't know Tampa well enough to remember cycles or patterns or there are too many Uber drivers to make a living now. I sit a lot at the Airport to insure a fare and then usually I get a fare off that drop right away. Then I get calls that send me out in the middle of no where and when I try to get back in "the circle" I drive for hours and don't get fares.

Other than the hustle that will almost kill you 98% of the people are fun as can be. They all have some kind of story and I love giving them $hit. Making them talk and keeping them talking has been the biggest challenge. It's exhausting. So think they are in a limo so are glad I have tented windows so the neighbors don't see they are in a Corolla.

The conversations have been fabulous and lord do they talk crap about other Uber drivers - They are wanna give me 6 stars. Well, not ALL of them - I have always given 4 or 5s to my riders and drivers - I have given some "1" stars lately.

I hope my UBER stories are limited soon because I am bar-tending somewhere but for now their stories will become a part of ROAD RAGE.

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