Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blending In The Herd - It's Not Unheard Of

Greeting from Waffle House 1885 on Alabama Ave near Underground Atlanta. I think. I stayed in AirBNB last night and I couldn't sleep. You see I go home tomorrow and I can't wait. When I was laying in bed at the AirBNB and couldn't sleep, Waffle House seemed like a good idea.

If this is the correct Waffle House it is number 1885 and that was the same year of Georgia Tech opened. If this isn't  the correct on it is near by. I was reading some of the comments on another blog. Tired and sleepy has kicked in so I am not real sure. If I go back and check my sources I will loose my train of thought.

That is not hard from me anyway. It's funny that I write about the herd and I have spent most of the evening discussing why things like what makes people talk negatively of each other. Yes race was a conversation starter. I was staying in the home of a wonderful young lady and she happened to be black. She had beautiful dreads and a smile for days.

We were talking about blending in with my own herd. Mom, Dad, Sister. Niece and that wonderful little guy our family is just in love with, Mason. That little guy has my heart.


So talking about the family and on my way to see them. When I first started to see signs of me separating from my herd I watched my four legged buddy Pepperoni, the orphaned billy goat that lives and grew up on Mom and Dad's farm. I call it the Cable Heifer & Goat Ponderosa. You see Pepperoni and one of his sisters, their worthless mother wasn't feeding them or letting them "suck".
My Sister took his sister originally. It at the time appeared that Ol' Nanny Goat was taking care of Pepperoni and this third sibling that was being properly taken care of by said, Nanny Goat. We started bottle feeding Pepperoni several times per day. We got a poweder form of Goats milk and had to mix it. We would lure him into the yard and kinds subconsciously but still consciously trying to make a pet out of him and feed him and watch him play in the yard to Mom and Dad's.


                                    PEPPERONI & I                              The Sister That Didn't Make It

That little guy after a few weeks, fought hard to be a part of the hard. He had it rough- other goats would but his sides, his own mother would knock him away when he tried to eat. After a while he would finish eating and then if the herd was in sight he would bounce his little but back to the herd. I was traveling some and my sister and parents were feeding him more often than I was but when I was gone he even got to the point where he would come to the gate or the shade tree and bae to be fed. He would even at that point still finish his bottle and take back off to the herd.  Now he is like the leader of the pack - the herd.

I have never been one to finish up front. I have many herds that I fit into and I have always said that I fit in from a tractor pull to a tea party. I have just never really been the lead in any real herd. I have been the center of attention, the cause and effect, the life of the party but never the less I have been involved in many herds.

I have many friends but they don't run the same circles. They know of each other. They know who each other are A few have socialized and their paths have crossed. Anyway. My coffee is wearing off. I am starting - Wrummble - Writing Mumble.  

#MYride that I am on. I have met so many people for so many different reasons. I have been shown or taught something from each person that I have met on #MYride.


Orlando, Florida

I can't talk about #MYride with out mentioning this guy. Oh Wyatt. What a crazy part of my ride he has been. We grew up together a few times in our lives. We challenged each other and we complimented each other too.  He (Wyatt) is a blog entry all by himself. But I had to mention him. Again, I usually don't jive with his friends but we jive. Well.  


New Market, Alabama

Cathy at Cathy's Deli in Alabama was the first character I met . I wasn't quite "unplugged" yet. I was in New Market Alabama where The Woodshop of Alabama is. They took my to her gas station deli and warned that it was in fact a gas station deli but they had the bet burger in town. I agreed that it could just be because a really good burger back home in East Tennessee. Kathy back home at the Greenback Corner Market has the best burger in Greenback. Again, gas station deli. 


Dunedin, Florida

When I got to Dunedin Florida I went right to The Living Room on Main.- the hospitality of that place was incredible. The owner, management and especially the double shiftin' bartender


I met Chris, Catherine, Sean and Lauren near Bonita Beach. I didn't get a picture of the beach but I spent a couple days there. I just so happen to drive up on this place. When I first arrived the guys were out on the SUBs and the girls were on the beach. I talked to them about my journey as the guys came in and the conversations continued. They shared some information with me about where to go on #MY


The Fisherman From Outta Nowhere 

I was hanging out all alone on this newly discovered Island where yesterday I met the beach kids.I was there and this guy came out of no where. Ran into the water. Slammed this bucket into the water and said "They about died". It was his bait. 
We spent the afternoon talking, well I made fun of folks coming onto the beach and he fished. Super soul! Great guy. 


Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

I son't have any pictures of Courtney COCO as she says her friends call her. We stayed up all night talking and working on the Wood E. We had a date to go to the beach the next day - I've not heard from her since. 
She was fun tho. 


Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Great guys and good food. They tell me the business just landed in their lap. Wow great location, great attitude and great dogs. Yes they have more, I had tacos. 


Venice, Florida

I was so excited to see my relatives while in Venice. We spent some great quality time together going to the pool, emjoying the farmers market and visiting at their homes. Great To have them in my herd. 



Brookhaven to Atlanta on Amtrak



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